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2021 Program Agenda

Monday, December 6

8:00 am Registration & Breakfast

Location: Veranda Terrace

8:45 am Opening Session

Location: Royal Palm – All session will be in the Royal Palm

9:30 am Speaker Showcase

Experience Matters: How is Your Organization Crafting It? – Robb Rempel, Haberfeld

With increased competition for education, membership and sponsorship dollars, state banker associations are looking for new ways to engage their members and drive revenue. While competitors can copy your offerings, they cannot match your people when they are executing a well-focused and disciplined strategy. The greatest return on investment comes from the member experience you create. During this session you will assess what you are doing to drive membership, engagement and what your people are doing (or can be doing) to keep them. Ask yourself, “Are we delivering a transaction or creating an experience?”   

Diversity: It’s Not an HR ProblemCassi Chandler, Vigeo Alliance 

This session will encourage self-awareness of the influences impacting our personal and corporate ability to sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace, identify the impact of the social justice movement to D&I and outline the key elements to developing a sustainable D&I strategy both in the workplace and in one’s personal life.  Participants will recognize the need to become a champion for D&I.

10:20 am Sponsor Introductions

10:30 am Networking Break

10:45 am Speaker Showcase

Everyone’s a Target – Top Things Individuals and Businesses Should be DoingRick Olivier, SBS Cybersecurity 

Phishing remains the most effective and efficient attack vector from a cybercrime perspective. Considering the high probability of people to fall victim and the damaging destruction phishing can cause, phishing is truly a digital weapon of mass destruction.   This discussion will highlight the advancements in cybercrime and social engineering that are targeting our people resources. Best practices will be discussed for processes necessary to improve the weakest links in our institutions. With a reliable process, we can measure the level of risk and implement effective risk mitigating controls.   This presentation will cover the following areas/topics: 

      • Trends in Cyber Security Attacks
      • Social Engineering and the latest phishing scams
      • Logical controls to reduce risk around people
      • Creating positive cybersecurity culture
      • Testing your People

The Happy Hour EffectKristen Brown, Midwest Speakers Bureau 

Amp up your performance with a fresh perspective on how your inner programming impacts your outer choices and behaviors. Kristen will use her Happy Hour Effect framework to help you gain perspective on the many moving pieces of your work and personal lives so you make better decisions, amplify your leadership, and boost your productivity even when the pressure is on.


11:45 am Sponsor Introductions

Noon Lunch

Location: Veranda Terrace

1:00 pm Peer Group Session (SBA Staff ONLY)

2:30 pm Free Time

6:00 pm Reception & Dinner

Reception Location: South Lawn
Dinner Location: Tiki

Tuesday, December 7

7:00 am Yoga (registration required)

7:45 am Breakfast & Networking

Location: Veranda Terrace

9:00 am Speaker Showcase

What if Emotional Intelligence was a non-negotiable attribute for leadership positions in our banks? Well… news on the street…It should be! – Vicki Kraai, InterAction Training

As a leader of a team, what is the ROI you are bringing to the organization? Recent studies have shown emotional intelligence to be a key factor in leadership effectiveness. Leaders that understand self-awareness and skills to manage their own emotions as well as influencing others create a culture of inclusion, engagement, job satisfaction, performance and beyond.

Do you want a culture that fuels you or one that sucks the life out of you? EQ vs. IQ matters in identifying leadership potential and we should be aware of the difference and the impact this has on leading teams in our banks.

Post-Pandemic Consumers and How to Bank Them Joe Sullivan, Market Insights

Consumers have endured significant disruption in their physical, emotional and financial lives over the past year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Months of isolation and social distancing have shaped behaviors and shifted consumer relationships with nearly every sector, including financial services. But even as pressure mounts to return to some version of pre-pandemic normal, bankers must consider what new consumer behaviors will become permanent, and what expectations must be met as the world reopens.

A deep understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors is essential as a post-pandemic future approaches. This session will explore the factors that have had the greatest impact on behavioral change and discuss how bankers can both align with, and influence consumer behavior over the long term. The latest research will be shared, and participants will learn 4 ways in which to keep pace with the evolving needs and wants of the post-pandemic consumer.

10:20 am Sponsor Introductions

10:30 am Networking Break

10:45 am Speaker Showcase

Ag Outlook & TrendsShawn Hackett, Ag Speakers Bureau

Ag Trends and commodities expert educates Ag industry leaders and farmers about financial risk management and hedging using Weather trends and Ag commodity price forecasting tools.

Creating an Effective Diversity, Equity & Inclusion ProgramDavid Romero, Wipfli

Our country and parts of the world have been changed by recent events around diversity, equity and inclusion. The workplace should provide an environment where everyone feels included, equally supported, empowered and diversity is embraced. During this session we will provide a high-level overview on what steps a company needs to take to create a DEI program. We will include a review of the key components of a standard DEI strategy as well as areas where organizations struggle and why DEI programs can fail. In addition, we will address how DEI has evolved over the years and some of today’s emerging trends.

11:45 am Sponsor Introductions

Noon Lunch

Location: Veranda Terrace 

1:00 pm Collaborative Session

Clare Marsch, American Bankers Association

Emerging from the PandemicImplications of Bank Training in a New World 

COVID-19 provoked a massive global disruption that is transforming economies, the nature of work and the workforce itself. The need for learning & development in America’s banks has never been more urgent as organizations look for ways to upskill & reskill their workforce to meet changing job requirements, rapidly onboard workers as they return-to-work, develop leadership skills to manage changing technologies and remote workforces, address urgent social and cultural priorities for diversity, equity & inclusion, and ensure that risk and compliance staff keeps up with changing regulatory requirements under a new administration.  This presentation will review how banks are shifting their training practices in response to these pressures, and will provide an overview of the key areas of focus you must address to support your member banks training needs.

2:00 pm Speaker Share (SBA Staff ONLY)

4:00 pm Free Time

6:00 pm Reception & Dinner

Reception Location: South Lawn
Dinner Location: Tiki

Dinner Sponsored by SHAZAM


Wednesday, December 8

8:00 am Breakfast

Location: Veranda Terrace

8:45 am 2022 SBA Education Directors Conference Reveal

9:00 am Embracing a new “State of Mind”Nikki Dixon-Foley, FutureSync International 

The world of how we work is in a constant state of change and uncertainty. How we manage change comes down to our chosen state of mind. This interactive workshop will prepare you with new tools and practices to manage yourself while leading others and your organizations through change. Discover how embracing a new state of mind that focuses on solutions, collaboration, creativity, and communication will help drive yourself and others to successful results. Attendees will:

    • Discover how to create new patters of thinking during challenging times.
    • Uncover the importance of collaborative efforts to solve unique organizational issues
    • Learn how to unify teams with intentional communication practices

10:30 am Debrief & Closing Remarks

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